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Image taken by: Jens Johnsson


Nothing says summer more than listening to live music under the glistening sun. This August, enjoy the peak of summer with an unforgettable music experience.


The legendary Kaslo Jazz Festival returns for another year to the beautiful Kaslo Bay Park. World-class performers of jazz, latin, folk, blues and much more, gather at one gorgeous location. Situated where the mountains meet the water, the famous venue lets you experience the best of jazz, while surrounded by nature. The festival takes place during the BC day long weekend, from Aug 2-4.  


To drive home why you need to attend, here are the top 5 reasons why you need to experience the Kaslo Jazz Festival:

1) The location

Nestled in the valley of the Selkirk Mountains, Kaslo Bay Park offers a beautiful backdrop to the festival stage, which sits atop Kootenay Lake.

The surrounding bay transforms into a natural amphitheater and creates magnificent acoustics for a concert experience like no other.


2) All performances at the festival take place on a floating stage

You read that right. Festival-goers can choose to enjoy the concert from the beach, grass, or in the water swimming right next to the stage. The floating stage is globally-recognized as a premiere venue, captivating the attention of artists from all over the world.


3) A stellar lineup featuring a variety of genres

While the festival is called the "Kaslo Jazz Festival," it features an array of musical genres ranging from blues, folk, latin, and of course jazz. The lineup consists of skilled musicians who can throw a crowd-stomping performance. And the variety of genres make it a fantastic opportunity to discover new music and musicians.


4) It's not over until it's over

After each day, when the concerts end, the party keeps going on strong. Neighboring cafes and pubs in town remain bustling with music-lovers making new friends and reveling in the magic of the day's performances


5) It's Canada's best-kept secret

This little festival is on its 28th run and remains a hidden gem - yet, it's named one of the “Top ten places to get outdoors and be in tune,” by USA Today, and one of the “Top 10 places to enjoy outdoor summer music,” by REUTERS.  


Don't miss out on one of THE best outdoor music experiences and buy a ticket today. The festival is a scenic, quick drive from Nelson, BC—where you can find Best Western Baker Street Inn, a convenient and comfortable choice for your festival accommodation. Not only is it in a great location, but the hotel was recently renovated and continues to be one of the top choices for accommodations in Nelson. Book your stay to enjoy the wonders of the Kaslo Jazz Festival.